Domestic Flat Roofing in Shropshire

Ventilating Flat Roofing in Shropshire

10 Jun 2019

Choosing the correct ventilation solution for your flat roofing in Shropshire plays a crucial part in extending the structure’s lifespan.
Here at Hems Limited, we understand the importance of having high quality and reliable flat roofing that will last for decades. This is the reason we use EPDM for our range of rubber roofing for both domestic and commercial properties.
As a modern alternative to felt or bitumen, EPDM is watertight and waterproof plus it’s highly durable and lightweight.

Temperature Control for Flat Roofing

The thermal temperature in your roof space will bear the brunt of the heat generated from the living areas below. Proper ventilation is required to prevent air becoming trapped inside your home that can lead to condensation, damp and long term damage.
Damp can cause structural damage to fixtures and joists and also spread inside your home affecting plaster, wallpaper and paintwork.
In 2010 the Government made it a legal requirement for all buildings to meet a certain standard, which included sufficient ventilation.

There are two types of flat roofing systems – warm and cold roofs, with differing requirements for ventilation. Thermal insulation in cold roofs is placed below the deck, but it must also be on the underside, whereas when a warm roof has been laid, ventilation won’t be needed.
Cold roofs are more susceptible to high levels of condensation which can develop on the decks, external tiling or cladding.

How Hems Ventilate Flat Roofing in Shropshire

When constructing a cold flat roof our team of specialist installers would add a thermal insulation layer underneath the structural decking. For this type of roof, there must be an independent ceiling in place to support the insulation.
For cold and warm flat roofs a vapour control layer must be installed plus a ventilation gap of at least 50mm between the insulation and the underside of the flat roof deck to comply with building regulations.
Warm flat roofs require the layer to be added underneath the insulation to stop moisture interacting with rising thermal pressure from rooms below. Cold roofs need the vapour layer positioned underneath the insulation layer on the top of the room below creating an effective barrier.
Adding a ventilation system can be completed when we install your flat roofing, ensuring you get a roof that is guaranteed to last 50 years!

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