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Tell-Tale Signs You Need Flat Roof Repairs in Telford

18 Apr 2019

If you’re in need of a flat roofing repair in Telford, Hems Ltd can provide you with a professional solution which is guaranteed to last for decades. As the areas flat roofing specialists, we’ve put together a handy guide which details some of the common signs that suggest that your flat roofing needs repairing or replacing. Although every building design is different, these are the issues which can cause costly damage to your building if not dealt with.

Standing Water
Although it may sound strange, flat roofs will always have a slight incline built into their design.
If this slope isn’t sufficient or the drainage has become blocked, pooling of rainwater can occur causing the roof to sag in places. Without maintenance this will cause damage to the roof membrane and leaks.
This can be prevented by clearing any debris from your drainage or you can talk to us about looking at increasing the gradient of your flat roofing.

If moisture becomes trapped between your roof and the membrane leading to blistering. It’s more likely to happen in hotter environments because the moisture has more chance to expand. This can be a long term worry if not dealt with, luckily our team of specialists have worked on plenty of flat roofs needing this sort of repairs.

HVAC Damage
Installing air conditioning units to your roof space is one way to avoid an eye sore elsewhere in your building; but this can be problematic for your roofing.
The main issues heating, ventilation or air conditioning (HVAC) present are air condensation and vibrations from the units, but this can be looked at during the installation.
A routine inspection from our expert team can identify if your air conditioning is causing damage to your flat roofing.

Timing Your Flat Roof Repairs in Telford

The most likely time for damage to flat roofing is typically during autumn due to storm damage, debris and loose branches. Having said that, the British weather is becoming quite unpredictable so we would also recommend having your roofing checked after any heavy storm for any sort of damage, as fixing smaller problems will stop them growing into bigger, more expensive issues down the line.

EPDM roofing is one of the most durable materials for flat roof repairs in Telford. The lightweight roofing is easy to install plus it’s expansive properties making it durable under heavy footfall. Our range of EPDM flat roofing comes with a guarantee of 50 years, making it the cost effective solution for any repairs.

Flat Roof Repairs in Telford with Hems

Hems Ltd have been the leading contractors for flat roof repairs in Telford for 25 years and counting. If you have any repair requirements, please contact us today to speak to our customer service team.