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Rubber Roofing Technologies from Hems Ltd

20 Oct 2018

Here at Hems Ltd, we’re experts in supplying modern rubber roofing technologies for flat roofs. Traditional methods for flat roofing such as felt, or bitumen cannot complete with rubber roofs lightweight, waterproofness and durability. EPDM rubber roofing is commercial, industrial and domestic properties. EPDM rubber roofing provides unmatched weather-resistance and longevity and is the easiest material to install for flat roofs. Requiring little to no-maintenance when EPDM is one of the fastest growing solutions for flat roofs in the UK

World Leading Manufacturers of Rubber Roofing

At Hems Ltd, we supply rubber roofing by some of the world’s leading manufacturers. Two of our most popular technologies is Firestone and Protan.

Protan: Protan roofing was developed in Scandinavia. With extreme attention made to low weather conditions. Scandinavia has some of the harshest winters with the temperature plummeting to -13F. Protan is highly innovative and is the largest manufacturer of thermoplastic roofing. Built to withstand all types of weather, Protan is highly flexible and lightweight.

Firestone: Firestone has been in production since the 1980’s, and is a high-performance synthetic roof offering superior weatherability, durability, flexibility and longevity. Firestone EPDM is a fantastic material with little impact on the environment during the manufacture and installation of the product.

More Rubber Roofing Brands We Supply

In addition to Protan and Firestone, at Hems Ltd we also supply manufacturers such as Sarna Fil, Alwitra, TPO, Bouder and Armaplan.

We operate out of Ironbridge but work across the Shropshire area. We’re located with easy access to the M54, we’ve been supplying flat roofing in Shropshire for over 25 years. The team at Hems Ltd are highly experienced and qualified to handle all installations of flat roofing both large and small. If you would like to know more about our services or a quote, we’ll be happy to advise and discuss at length your project.

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