EPDM for Replacement Flat Roofing

If you’re looking for replacement flat roofing, the only material to use is rubber flat roofing EPDM.

Alternatives such as felt, or bitumen cannot compete with rubber flat roofing thanks to extreme weather testing in the harshest conditions. EPDM rubber roofing is far superior in longevity, performance and appearance.

EPDM replacement flat roofing has a lifespan of at least 50 years and is highly resistant to tears and rips.

Replacement flat roofing is perfect for garages, extensions, outbuildings, conservatories, garden rooms and other domestic buildings.

Additionally, our services extend to both the commercial and industrial sector for buildings such as warehouses, outdoor outlet shops, leisure centres, schools and more.

Benefits of Replacement Flat Roofing

Replacement flat roofing from Hems Ltd is built to last at least 50 years, in addition to this rubber roofing has several benefits over its rival alternatives.

  • First, rubber replacement flat roofing is lower cost over bitumen or felt.
  • EPDM is lightweight causing less strain over the beams and joints, resulting in no need for roof reinforcements
  • As EPDM rubber roofing is one sheet and highly durable, your replacement roof is less likely to tear, as a result, leaking is eliminated and in the unlikely event of a rip, repairs can be made easily.
  • Rubber roofing is resistant to all weather types. From the coldest, wettest winters to the height of summer and intense UV rays. Your roof is built to withstand.
  • Finally, we stock some of the world’s leading manufacturers such as Proton and Firestone.

There are more benefits to flat roofing with rubber materials that we’d be happy to discuss with you.

Get in Touch for Replacement Flat Roofing

Please get in touch with a member of Hems Ltd today if you’d like to discuss replacement flat roofing. Here at Hems Ltd, we have over 25 years’ worth of industry experience providing flat roofing across the area of Shropshire.

Whether you’re looking for replacement flat roofing in Telford, Ironbridge, Shrewsbury, Bridgnorth or West Wolverhampton, Hems Ltd can help!

Speak to our team to find out the list of buildings we can provide replacement flat roofing for.