Protan Roofing in Telford

Professional Installers of Protan in Telford

08 Feb 2018

Hems Ltd are the premier installers of Protan in Telford and Shropshire. Protan is a highly durable and weatherproof sheet material used as a roofing membrane. Its waterproofing performance has been developed over many decades of innovation and now the company is amongst the largest producers of thermoplastic roof foil (PVC) in Europe. Supplying roofing membranes to cover the enormous distribution centres of online giant Amazon, proves that this modern roofing system is perfect for commercial premises of any size.

Flat Roof Membranes Using Protan in Telford

The highly skilled Hems roofing technicians who install Protan in Telford provide a clean and efficient service. This type of roofing doesn’t require the hot and smelly bitumen and tar associated with installing felt roofing. All joins are performed with hot-air welding machines. It is lightweight and self extinguishing giving it excellent health and safety credentials. This product has been tested to withstand the Scandinavian climate, so it has a wide temperature tolerance including the very low temperatures of a Norwegian winter!

The environmental and sustainable benefits of Protan are that it has the lowest possible CO2 footprint. This is achieved throuble energy consumption during production. It is made from REACH-approved raw materials and doesn’t leak chemicals into the environment. Because it is a membrane it can be precision cut, producing minimal waste during installation. Its low weight also reduces the environmental impact during transport.

Choose Hems Ltd for Protan in Telford

Hems Ltd are a Shropshire based roofing contractor and are highly experienced in the installation of flat roofs and roofing repairs, especially using modern materials and cladding.

If you would like to take advantage of this fantastic contemporary roofing technology and use Protan. Please contact us today for further information and a roofing quote for Protan in Telford.