Flat Roofing in Shropshire

Flat Roofing in Shropshire Specialists

For flat roofing in Shropshire, you need a material that is hard wearing, weather resistant and won’t need replacing due…

25 May 2018
epdm roofing in shropshire

EPDM Roofing in Shropshire Professionals

The emergence of EPDM onto the UK market as a solution for rubber roofing has seen this single ply membrane…

20 May 2018
Flat Roofing in Telford

Hems Ltd Guide to Flat Roofing in Telford

Here at Hems Ltd, we provide all types of flat roofing in Telford. Whether you’re looking for a flat roof…

16 May 2018
Domestic Flat Roofing in Shropshire

Flat Roofing in Shropshire for Domestic and Commercial Buildings

Here at Hems Ltd, we can provide our customers with high quality flat roofing in Shropshire. Flat roofs have always…

27 Mar 2018
EPDM Roofing in Shropshire

Quality EPDM Roofing in Shropshire

Here at Hems Ltd, we specialise in all types of flat roofing for modern builds and refurbishments. We’ve gained over…

22 Mar 2018
Protan Roofing in Telford

Professional Installers of Protan in Telford

Hems Ltd are the premier installers of Protan in Telford and Shropshire. Protan is a highly durable and weatherproof sheet…

08 Feb 2018
Flat Roof Repairs in Telford

Expert Flat Roof Repairs in Telford

Do you need flat roof repairs in Telford? This month has seen temperatures plummet and the cold snap has brought…

20 Dec 2017
Flat Roofing in Shropshire

For Modern Flat Roofing in Shropshire

Modern flat roofing in Shropshire takes advantage of the latest material technologies. There was once a time when having a…

20 Nov 2017
EPDM in Telford and Protan Roofing Specialists in Shropshire

Expert Installers of EPDM in Telford

Flat roofing specialists Hems Ltd are expert installers of EPDM in Telford. No job is too big or too small…

17 Nov 2017
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11 Jul 2017