EPDM Telford

EPDM Telford Roofing Services

Are you looking to improve the structural and weatherproofing integrity of your flat roof? Not happy with your current roof?…

15 Nov 2018
rubber roofing

Rubber Roofing Technologies from Hems Ltd

Here at Hems Ltd, we’re experts in supplying modern rubber roofing technologies for flat roofs. Traditional methods for flat roofing…

20 Oct 2018
flat roofing

Flat Roofing Services, Repairs and Replacement Roofs

Flat roofing from Hems Ltd is suited to a variety of properties and extensions. As part of our complete service,…

10 Oct 2018

Emergency Flat Roofing & Repairs

Have you got a leaking roof and are looking for emergency flat roofing repairs, then speak to Hems Ltd. Here…

28 Sep 2018
flat roof repairs in shropshire

Flat Roof Repairs in Shropshire in Preparation for the Cold

As summer is coming to end, it means it is becoming the start of the colder, windier and wetter weather!…

25 Aug 2018
Flat Roofing in Telford

What is Flat Roofing? Ask the Roofing Experts in Telford

Flat roofing is the process of replacing, repairing or installing a single ply rubber roofing for garages, extensions, businesses and so…

10 Jul 2018
Flat Roofing in Shropshire

Flat Roofing in Shropshire Specialists

For flat roofing in Shropshire, you need a material that is hard wearing, weather resistant and won’t need replacing due…

25 May 2018
epdm roofing in shropshire

EPDM Roofing in Shropshire Professionals

The emergence of EPDM onto the UK market as a solution for rubber roofing has seen this single ply membrane…

20 May 2018
Flat Roofing in Telford

Hems Ltd Guide to Flat Roofing in Telford

Here at Hems Ltd, we provide all types of flat roofing in Telford. Whether you’re looking for a flat roof…

16 May 2018
Domestic Flat Roofing in Shropshire

Flat Roofing in Shropshire for Domestic and Commercial Buildings

Here at Hems Ltd, we can provide our customers with high quality flat roofing in Shropshire. Flat roofs have always…

27 Mar 2018