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Get your Flat Roofing in Shropshire in Time for Spring

04 Mar 2019

March has arrived and although the warm weather hasn’t arrived with it, the time for planning ahead is now. Hems Ltd is available for flat roofing in Shropshire services which look to modernise your dated, ripped or leaky old roof, with modern roofing materials, using some of the world’s best-manufactured technologies on the market.

Out with the Old Flat Roofing in Shropshire and in with the New

Spring cleaning is all about throwing away those things in your life you no longer need. So why can’t that apply to practices as well? Years ago, for flat roofing in Shropshire, there were two main options. Either hot bitumen layered with gravel or another form of absorbent or you could choose a felt roof.

The process of applying hot and dirty hot bitumen came with risks, firstly, the smell was very acidic and unwelcoming, secondly, as several layers would have to be applied before it was waterproof. This meant it was heavy and put extra stress on the roof’s structure. And not to mention the hot material was dangerous to handle.

Times have moved on, and so have Hems Ltd. Now we utilise the latest rubber roof sheeting. EPDM can be precision cut which minimises waste. Rubber roofing application is far more efficient and cleaner, and in some cases, this type of roofing material manufactured from recycled materials. Therefore, EPDM is an excellent alternative to traditional felt roofing or bitumen.

Leading brands such as Protan and Firestone produce membranes in a variety of thicknesses to suit different types of flat roofing in Shropshire structures.

Full Coverage of Flat Roofing in Shropshire

Here at Hems Ltd, we have been constructing flat roofing in Shropshire for 25 years. Helping many happy customers in Ironbridge, Telford, Shrewsbury, Market Drayton, Church Stretton and more. All of whom are living with or working under the benefits of modern flat roof construction.

Contact Hems Ltd for Your Flat Roofing in Shropshire

If you’d like to know more about our flat roofing in Shropshire service or would like a quote, then speak to our team of roofing specialist. We complete jobs for both commercial and domestic properties. So, get in touch today and get your flat roof structure repaired or replaced.