Flat Roofing in Telford

What is Flat Roofing? Ask the Roofing Experts in Telford

10 Jul 2018

Flat roofing is the process of replacing, repairing or installing a single ply rubber roofing for garages, extensions, businesses and so much more. Our flat roofs are 100% waterproof and built to withstand the toughest conditions. The application of one unbroken sheet of rubberised materials eliminates gaps where water could seep through compared to a traditional felt roof. Rubber roofing causes less strain on the supports thanks to its lightweight components. The lightweight roof, as a result, remains intact and reduces potential cracks forming. Our flat roofing in Telford is available for domestic homeowners and commercial properties, with no project being too demanding.

We Use World Leading Manufacturers For Our Flat Roofing Telford

Here at Hems Ltd, we have gathered years of experience and knowledge within our trade. For our flat roofing in Telford, we only use the best-manufactured materials for our service. We’ve carefully selected our manufacturers ensuring that the end results leave you with a roof that not only looks good but is built to last.

In all our flat roofing we use EPDM thermo-materials by some of the world’s leading manufacturers including Firestone and Protan. Both companies are established and well respected in their sector. Protan has been vigorous weather tested in the toughest Scandinavian winters, with the material coming our unscathed and its strength intact, Therefore, Shropshire weather is child’s play.

Flat Roofing in Telford – Repairs

In addition to our flat roofing in Telford installations, here at Hems Ltd we also complete flat roof repairs on all property types. Our roof repairs come with a Hem’s guarantee and we ensure your roof is there to stay and remains strong and waterproof for 30+ years. For more information about our flat roofing in Telford, Shropshire or surrounding areas, get in touch with a member of our team today. We have over 25 years within our industry and relish the chance to take on a new challenge.