Flat Roofing in Telford

Hems Ltd Guide to Flat Roofing in Telford

16 May 2018

Here at Hems Ltd, we provide all types of flat roofing in Telford. Whether you’re looking for a flat roof for a commercial or domestic property, our team of experts can help deliver a solution that is well made, sturdy and completely waterproof. Customers across the area of Shropshire have been coming to Hems for flat roof repairs for over 25 years. From homes to garages and extensions our flat roofing in Telford service is available for projects of all scales and sizes.

Materials for Flat Roofing in Telford

Flat roofing in Telford is a specialist trade and when done incorrectly can affect the roofs strength, shape and ability to keep out water. Below is a small guide to two of our most popular flat roofing materials:

Protan Roofing

Protan is a single ply rubber membrane for flat roofing. Developed and manufactured in Norway, there has been extreme emphasis placed on the testing of this flexible material in low temperatures ensuring it can withstand the harshest rain, wind and snowy conditions. Protan is now one of the largest manufacturers of innovative thermoplastics in Europe, and companies such as Amazon use this fantastic material for their roofing.

EPDM Roofing

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is another type of single-ply rubber membrane we use at Hems Ltd. A modern alternative to other materials for flat roofing, EPDM is highly durable, lightweight and thanks to the use of just one sheet for surfacing, it eliminates gaps for water to leak through. EPDM roofing has many benefits most notably of which is its lifespan of 50 years.

Speak to our Team for Flat Roofing in Telford

Additionally, apart from the two-roofing materials listed above, we also use other major brands such as Firestone, Sarna Fil and many more. So, for flat roofing in Telford and flat roofing repairs get in touch with one of our expert team today.