Flat roofing

Flat Roofing – The Complete Service

28 Jan 2019

Here at Hems Ltd, we have long been the foremost flat roofing specialist in the area of Shropshire. For nearly three decades we’ve gathered experience, expertise and a portfolio of happy customers who have trusted us to tackle their flat roofing problems. No matter how difficult the job may appear! our team of trained and dedicated professionals, work to the highest level of professionalism to deliver an excellent standard of roofing in Shropshire.

Flat Roofing Services of all Types

Our great reputation and built expanding customer base are something we’re extremely proud of and we can take on any project.

Reroofing: Reroofing is the process whereby rather than replace the whole roof we repair the areas of the roof that have perhaps worn, torn or are starting to feel the strain of the British weather. Reroofing is a quick fix as there isn’t a removal of the existing materials – making it a less expensive solution.

Replacement Roofs: The alternative to reroofing, replacement flat roofing removes the entire pre-existing material, then laying down the new rubber roof. Replacement roofs can be completed no matter how many layers are already there. Because of the lightweight materials we use. The replacement structure causes little to no extra strain on the joints of the roof.

Rubber Flat Roofs: Rubber roofing is the latest solution for flat roofs. At Hems we use the latest rubber technologies which provide the answer to any project. Repairs and installations are completed by our team of highly experienced tradesmen. The rubber products we supply offer greater longevity, durability, appearance and waterproofness than older materials.

Contact Us for Flat Roofing in Shropshire and Surrounding Area

So, whether it is for a domestic or commercial building. We provide both new installations and repairs across the area of Shropshire. Although we are based in Ironbridge, the Hems team provide flat roofing in Telford, Bridgnorth, Shrewsbury Donnington, Wolverhampton and more.

Furthermore, client satisfaction is our main priority and we support the roof manufactures warranty of up to 20 years. Our surveyors will examine your project and provide free recommendation and advise with a quotation from our findings.

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