Flat roofing

Flat Roofing: What is the Best Material?

10 Feb 2019

If you’re looking for flat roofing the first part to consider is. What material would work best? There are several different materials to consider, so here are some of the best roofing materials to think about.

Felt Flat Roofing

Felt roofing is one of the more traditional solutions for flat roofing and over the years the material has been developed and improved. The felt tends to come in sheets and then fixed in place with a blow torch. The top layer colour can, therefore, be picked and are commonly easy to repair and fix.

EPDM Flat Roofing

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is one of the more modern and common roofing technologies. EPDMs biggest draw is its water resistant to both salt and fresh water, therefore is perfect for not only roofs but seals for ponds, tubing and more. One major advantage of EPDM is that unlike felt roofing, EPDM can be installed as one sheet, allowing you to cover the entire roof and removing any concerns of non-waterproof seams.

Another positive of EPDM is that it is environmentally friendly and consists of recycled materials as well as taking little energy to manufacture. EPDM has the longevity of 30-50 years and repairs can be done effortlessly.

Other Flat Roofing Materials

There are a number of other flat roofing styles available to flat-roofed surfaces. (Get in touch with Hems to find out if these styles are available).

  • Built Up – One of the most common and oldest styles. It consists of applying tar, gravel and molton, which creates several layers and a watertight seal and prevents leakage.
  • Liquid – A growing new alternative to flat roofing. Liquid coatings are applied directly to a roof deck (typically when the roof is complex) and then spreads to create a seamless cover.
  • GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Fibreglass – Glass strands are combined to form a layer of fibreglass. Simple, light and strong fibreglass can be laid in one or two layers for a smooth and aesthetic finish.

Get in Touch for Flat Roofing from Hems Ltd

At Hems Ltd, we provide a vast and diverse range of flat roofing services in and around the Shropshire area. We specialise in the installation, repair and replacement of roofing technologies, in particular, rubber roofing. Within our service customers can choose between some of the world’s best manufacturers of rubber roofing including Protan, Firestone, Sarana Fil and more. Find out more about EPDM here.

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