Flat Roof Repairs in Telford

Expert Flat Roof Repairs in Telford

20 Dec 2017

Do you need flat roof repairs in Telford? This month has seen temperatures plummet and the cold snap has brought heavy snow and ice to rooftops. Winter in the UK brings with it a variety of conditions. Higher rainfall, sleet, snow, frost, and ice can all have an impact upon flat roofs in Telford and across Shropshire. If you have experienced problems with an old flat roof during the darker Winter months which now needs repairs, Hems Ltd are your local flat roofing experts. Even a small leak can cause big structural problems if it isn’t rectified quickly. The ingress of water can damage joists, plaster and brickwork, leading to a much larger repair bill.

EPDM and Protan Flat Roof Repairs in Telford

There are now cleaner modern alternatives to the traditional layers of tar and roofing felt for flat roofs. New roofing technology membranes like EPDM and Protan are highly effective materials for covering and weather proofing flat roofs. With our expertise we can precision cut and install the membranes for any dimension of flat roof repairs in Telford. Whether it is for your garage or a large surface area, like a block of flats or a warehouse, Hems have a proven record of delivering high quality and efficient flat roof repairs in Telford and across Shropshire. Have you considered a clean alternative to bitumen and felt? Discover more about the benefits of using composite membranes.

Contact Hems Ltd for Flat Roof Repairs in Telford

Whether you need a flat roof installing on a new build project or you need repairs to an existing roof system. Hems Ltd have 25 years of experience in professional flat roofing installation. If you would like to know more about our products and services, or to get a quote, then please contact us.