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Flat Roof Repairs in Shropshire in Preparation for the Cold

25 Aug 2018

As summer is coming to end, it means it is becoming the start of the colder, windier and wetter weather! As the temperatures drop the integrity of your flat roofs will start to see and feel the strain. Here at Hems Ltd, we complete flat roof repairs in Shropshire and surrounding areas. Autumn and winter bring a variety of weather conditions. Heavy rainfall, snow, sleet, ice all take their toll on our roofs.

Older roofs or poorly fitted roofs will particularly see the worst of the conditions as the gaps and cracks in the fitting will allow the weather to creep in and damage any possessions below. Not only that water damage can cause structural damage if the problem isn’t fixed quickly, not only will you have to pay for a new roof, but the costs could rise due to the replacement of joist or new plaster and brickwork. Luckily Hems are your flat roof repairs in Shropshire specialists.

EPDM for Flat Roof Repairs in Shropshire

We’ve moved away from felt fitted roofs and moved into the rubber flat roof repairs in Shropshire. Rubber roofing is a newer technology and you don’t get any more cutting edge than EPDM. EPDM is a rubberised membrane that makes for a highly effective solution for flat roof repairs thanks to its waterproofing technology. EPDM is one sheet of synthetic rubber which means there are few gaps for water to seep through. Rubber roofing is also less structurally straining on the joists and beam. Here at Hems Ltd, we use some of the industry’s best manufacturers for EPDM including Protan and Firestone which you can find more information about here.

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