Firestone Flat Roofing

Firestone is one of the leading manufactures of top performing flat roofing systems for commercial, residential and industrial properties.

Firestone roofing has been in production since the 1980’s and has been installed across hundreds of roofs globally.

Here at Hems Ltd, we are an approved supplier of this world-leading technology. The combined experience of our team and the established Firestone brand means Hems Ltd, are one of the top suppliers of rubber roofing in Telford and Shropshire.

Firestone roofing is perfect for both commercial use as well as residential properties, and here at Hems Ltd, we can provide solutions for both types of properties.

Whether your new roof is for a garage, extension, rural outbuilding, workshops or any other property type, regardless of size at Hems Ltd we can deliver.

Commercial and Residential Firestone Roofing

Firestone roofing is so effective due to the durability, reliability and waterproofness of the materials used. Firestone utilises EPDM technologies which are lightweight and flexible.

EPDM is one sheet of rubber roofing membrane meaning there are fewer gaps for water to seep through, protecting the contents below as well as the integrity of the roof.

Additionally, Firestone EPDM requires little to no maintenance resulting in low-life cycle costs, as well as having zero impact on the environment as no toxic materials are released when it is applied.

Get in Touch with Hems Ltd for Firestone Roofing

What makes Hems Ltd the right choice for Firestone roofing is our experience, dedication and drive for providing roofs that are built to last. A properly installed flat roof should not be underestimated as when completed properly it has up to twice the lifespan as an incorrect installation.

For information about this incredibly durable rubber roofing solution or any of our other servicesget in touch with Hems Ltd today. Hems Ltd is based in Ironbridge and thanks to easy access to the M54, we operate in Ironbridge, Telford, Albrighton, Shrewsbury, Bridgenorth, Donnington and Shropshire. We will be more than happy to provide you with a site viewing as well as a quote.