rubber roofing in shropshire

The Essentials of Rubber Roofing in Shropshire

06 May 2019

Rubber roofing in Shropshire from Hems Limited is constructed to withstand natural and human forces with minimal maintenance.
Here we are going to look at some steps we undertake to provide rubber roofs that are guaranteed to last 50 years!

Protection against Rain and Snow
Once your roof is complete it will have a slope of at least 1 in 80 which can be achieved with a design fall of 1 in 40 or 1 in 60.
We would recommend conventional gutters instead of internal outlets.
If you have internal outlets they should be equipped with leaf and gravel guards adequately sized to deal with storm conditions.
Waterproofing should extend up adjacent walls at least six inches from the roof surface.
The top edge of the waterproofing system must be protected by a cover flash appropriate to the membrane.
Combatting Sun and Frost
Insulation will be a big money saver, with heating bills lower throughout the year with rooms cooler in the summer.
When insulating new flat roofs they must adhere to Part L of the Building Regulations. This also applies to the refurbishment of flat roofs.
Preventing Condensation
Cold roofs must include adequate through-ventilation of all joist voids
Warm roofs require a robust vapour control layer (VCL) bonded directly to the deck. This prevents condensation setting into the fabric of the building which would cause decay in timber, corrosion in metals and frost damage in masonry
Wind Protection
All of our rubber roofs contain insulation and membrane to resist strong winds
People Damage
If you plan to have regular football on your new roof, we would recommend talking this through with our team first and we can put forward the best options to use
Fire Resistant Roofing
Contact your local authority before starting construction on a new roof plus you can always chat to our team of specialists to make sure you adhere to the latest fire safety regulations.

Experts in Rubber Roofing in Shropshire

With over 25 years of experience providing rubber roofing in Shropshire, Hems Limited gives you a cost-effective solution for domestic and commercial buildings.
If you’d like to know more about working with us on your roofing, please get in touch today.